White Dwarf Spectra for Studies of Time Variation of the Fine Structure Constant

  • T. D. LeEmail author
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We report a newly updated constraint on space-time variation in the fine structure constant, \( \alpha =\frac{e^2}{4\pi {\varepsilon}_0\mathit{\hslash c}} \), from an analysis of white dwarf spectra. We obtain ∆α/α = (0.007 ± 0.087) × 10−6 from a comparison of laboratory spectra of Fe V with those found in the spectra from the white dwarf G191-B2B. The obtained result in this study is used to suggest further improvement in observational technique which would lead to a tighter constraint on ∆α/α.


Varying constants Varying alpha Hot white dwarf stars Absorption spectra analysis 



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