Patricia M. Demarco. Pathways to Our Sustainable Future. A Global Perspective from Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017
  • Gary S. SilvermanEmail author
Book Review

Patricia Demarco’s recent book, Pathways to our Sustainable Future: A Global Perspective from Pittsburgh, provides an important perspective on today’s critical global environmental problems and possible movement toward solutions. It begins, in both the introduction and first chapter, by providing a brief review of some of the major environmental problems facing the planet, and ethical reasons to be concerned. There is only a single passing mention of Deep Ecology, but very clear is that DeMarco’s environmental values embrace the natural world independent of (although not excluding) environmental impacts directly affecting humans. These sections are concise and well written, and should be particularly useful to those unfamiliar with many of today’s major environmental problems. Useful too is the historical—albeit limited—perspective on a few leading environmental scientists and ethicists. Particularly valuable are the many footnotes provided throughout these chapters (and throughout...


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