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John H. Perkins. Changing energy, the transition to a sustainable future

Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2017
  • Gary S. SilvermanEmail author

Simple characterization of John Perkins’ new book, Changing Energy, the Transition to a Sustainable Future, is impossible. This book serves students of anthropology and history, ambitiously tracing the importance of energy beginning with predecessor species to modern humanity. It helpfully informs the non-physicist of basic energy science, discussing energy units, entropy, the earth’s heat balance, and a host of other technical constructs. Energy technology is not ignored, and put into historical context is how advances in technology led to major changes in lifestyle leading to the emergence of modern societies. Discussion of power includes its physical dimension as a measure of work, but also in terms of politics and economics driving societal decisions related to energy systems. Perkins does not limit himself to reflection of how we got to where we are today, but continues in discussing how future decisions, particularly with regard to energy choices and global-scale climate change,...

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