\(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvexity in quasi-metric spaces

  • Collins Amburo AgyingiEmail author
  • Yaé Ulrich Gaba


In this article, we introduce and study the concept of hyperconvexity (which we call \(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvexity) that is appropriate in the category of \(T_0\)-quasi-metric spaces and nonexpansive maps and this will generalize the notion of q-hyperconvexity studied by Kemajou et al. We prove a fixed point result for nonexpansive maps in \(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvex spaces and establish, among other things, that the fixed point set of nonexpansive maps on \(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvex bounded \(T_0\)-quasi-metric spaces is itself \(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvex.


q-hyperconvexity \(q^\lambda \)-hyperconvexity Isbell-convex Isbell-complete Nonexpansive maps 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 54X10 58Y30 18D35 Secondary 55Z10 



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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and Applied MathematicsNelson Mandela UniversityPort ElizabethSouth Africa
  2. 2.Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques (IMSP)/UACPorto-NovoBenin
  3. 3.African Center for Advanced Studies (ACAS)YaoundéCameroon

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