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Real-Time Simulation of Smart DC Microgrid with Decentralized Control System Under Source Disturbances

  • Ginbar EnsermuEmail author
  • Avik Bhattacharya
  • Nigamananda Panigrahy
Research Article - Electrical Engineering


Decentralized control of DC microgrid (dcµG) using hybrid renewable energy sources (RES) and battery energy storage system (BESS) which operate with and without grid-connected mode is proposed in this paper. In dcµG integrated with multiple RES and BESS, fluctuating output characteristics of the distributed generations (DGs) due to changing input conditions and the dynamic interactions of the source and load interface converters are main factors which cause stability problem of DC bus voltage. Thus, to solve this problem, the decentralized control scheme which uses bus voltage level as communication link in the control law is proposed in this paper. Accordingly, the control method realizes different operating modes based on the available generations and load demand. Maximum power and constant voltage controls schemes are applied in the DGs interfacing control to regulate the power and voltage variations due to changing input conditions. Furthermore, in the control strategy, the source and battery interfacing converters are controlled autonomously using the bus voltage level without any communication. This maintains the reliability and flexibility of the system. The proposed system model is developed with Matlab/Simulink SimPowerSystem and simulated with real-time simulation using OPAL-RT.


Constant voltage control DC microgrid MPPT control Real-time simulation Renewable energy resource 


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This proposed dcµG model simulation was supported by the OPAL-RT Technologies India PVT LTD (North and East India). The authors thank Gagan Deep Singh Puri, a Sales Manager, for his support for providing real-time simulator device.


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    OPAL-RT Technologies, Presented at Online Brochure available at: Accessed 20 Nov 2018

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  2. 2.OPAL-RT Technologies India Pvt LtdDelhiIndia

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