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A Tunable Floating Impedance Multiplier

  • Munir A. Al-AbsiEmail author
  • Muhammad T. Abulema’atti
Research Article - Electrical Engineering


This paper presents a novel impedance multiplier that can be used to scale up a passive element 360 times its original value. The proposed design uses commercially available integrated circuits; an operational transconductance amplifier and second-generation current conveyors (\(\hbox {CCII}\,\pm \)), and a single grounded resistor. By introducing a second OTA, the proposed design can produce a temperature insensitive negative and positive impedance scaler. The functionality of the design was confirmed using PSPICE simulation tool.


Impedance multiplier Active filters Integrated circuits Negative capacitance 


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This work is supported by King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Project No. IN161016.


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