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Palmprint Recognition Using Oriented Structural Energy Signature Codes

  • Pawan DubeyEmail author
  • Tirupathiraju Kanumuri
Research Article - Electrical Engineering


The palmlines in palmprint are dispersed in different directions and the intersections of these diverged palmlines configure the textural structures. Consequently, these structures have energy in the different orientations called as “ energy signatures” which are utilized to extract a new palmprint representation named as “oriented structural energy signature codes”. In the proposed work, aforementioned energy signatures in different orientations are extracted using oriented exponential wavelets. Thereafter, bidirectionally rotated oriented energy signatures are acquired and employed to generate the oriented structural energy signature codes. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is examined by performing the experiments on benchmark databases such as PolyU 2D, PolyU multispectral, IITD touchless, and PolyU vers. II.


Biometrics Palmprint recognition Oriented exponential wavelets Oriented structural energy signatures OSES codes 


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  1. 1.National Institute of Technology DelhiNarelaIndia

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