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, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 1631–1648 | Cite as

Frequency and Deflection Responses of Shear Deformable Skew Sandwich Curved Shell Panel: A Finite Element Approach

  • Pankaj V. Katariya
  • Subrata K. PandaEmail author
Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


The eigenfrequency and transverse deflection values of the sandwich shell panel structure including the skew angle effect are examined numerically in this article. The sandwich shell panel is modelled via the higher-order displacement polynomial functions in the framework of the equivalent single-layer theory including the thickness stretching term effect. The numerical solutions are obtained via an own finite element code (MATLAB platform) in association with the derived mathematical model. The variational technique has been adopted to solve the sandwich structural equilibrium equation and the eigenvalue parameter under the influence of mechanical loading. The solution stability including the validity of the current numerical solutions has been verified via solving the adequate number of examples as same as the available published data. Finally, the current model is extended further to explore the probable effect of one or more parameters (geometrical, material and end constraint) on the final structural performances (frequency, deflection and stresses) including the fibre skew angle.


Skew sandwich composite Bending Vibration Skew angle Finite element analysis HSDT 


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