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Hydromorphological Numerical Model of the Local Scour Process Around Bridge Piers

  • H. OmaraEmail author
  • S. M. Elsayed
  • G. M. Abdeelaal
  • H. F. Abd-Elhamid
  • A. Tawfik
Research Article - Civil Engineering


The aim of this study was to assess the simulation and prediction of scour processes, both hydrodynamically and morphologically, around vertical and inclined piers. A new version of FLOW-3D v. 11.2, including three sediment transport equations, was extensively used for estimating the scour around the pier. The results of the model in terms of water surface, flow velocity, bed shear stress and scour depth were effectively compared with several sets of the experimental and numerical data in the literature. The model provided an accurate estimation of water surface, flow velocity and bed shear stress. However, the results for the vertical velocity upstream of the pier were underestimated. The predictive capabilities of the model were mainly dependent on the pier shape and inclined direction. The downflow, stream-wise velocity, shear stress and local scour depth were significantly reduced at the inclination angle of the circular pier downstream. However, they were nearly equal to those of an inclined perpendicular circular pier. This study strongly demonstrates that a 3D hydromorphological model can be effectively used to predict the scour depth around piers.


Scouring depth FLOW-3D Hydromorphological model Sediment transport Vertical/inclined piers 

List of symbols


Pier diameter


Equilibrium scour depth


Mean sediment size


Gravitational acceleration in ith direction


von Karman constant


Total pressure


Upstream undisturbed static pressure


Longitudinal slope of flume




Average flow velocity


Mean flow velocity at point p


Shear velocity


Local flow velocity in x-direction


Local flow velocity in y-direction


Local flow velocity in z-direction


Distance in x-direction


Flow depth


Distance in y-direction


Wall unit distance


Distance in z-direction


Distance from point p to wall


Volume fraction of qth phase in control volume

\(\Delta B\)

Roughness function

\(\delta \)

Kronecker delta function

\(pu_{i}\,u_j \)

Turbulence stresses


Equilibrium scour depth


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The first author is supported by a scholarship from the Mission Department, Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt, which is gratefully acknowledged. Second, I am thankful to Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for offering the tools and equipment needed for the research work.


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  • G. M. Abdeelaal
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