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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{1{-}{x}}\hbox {W}_{{x}}\) High Entropy Alloys

  • Yong DongEmail author
  • Yiping LuEmail author
Research Article - Mechanical Engineering


The microstructures, phase composition, and mechanical properties of the \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{1{-}{x}}\hbox {W}_{{x}}\) (x: molar ratio, \({x} = 0,~0.1,~0.2\), and 0.3) high entropy alloys were investigated. Only BCC phase and FCC phase were found in \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{1{-}{x}}\hbox {W}_{{x}}\) alloys. Thereinto, the \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}\) alloy was comprised of the primary phase with BCC structure and the eutectic structures with BCC and FCC phases. The \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{0.9}\hbox {W}_{0.1}\), \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{0.8}\hbox {W}_{0.2}\), and \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{0.7}\hbox {W}_{0.3}\) alloys were comprised of the primary phase with FCC structure and the eutectic structures with BCC and FCC phases. The main effect of Al element on \(\hbox {CoCrFeNi}_{2}\hbox {Al}_{1{-}{x}}\hbox {W}_{{x}}\) alloys was tailoring the proportion of BCC phase and FCC phase, while W element played a greater role than Al element in the solid solution strengthening effect. Hence, the mechanical properties of \(\hbox {AlCoCrFeNi}_{2}\) alloy can be tailored by adjusting the concentration of Al and W elements to obtain a wider range of applications.


High entropy alloy Alloy design Eutectic microstructure Compressive strength Hardness 


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  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Solidification Control and Digital Preparation Technology (Liaoning Province), School of Materials Science and EngineeringDalian University of TechnologyDalianChina

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