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Molecular Orientation of Bio-Polyamides After Cryogenic Nanohybridization with Montmorillonites

  • Mohammad Asif AliEmail author
  • Nupur Tandon
  • Aniruddha Nag
  • Kenji Takada
Research Article - Chemistry


Syntheses of nanohybrid resins of N-substituted pyrrolidone-based polyamides (PAs) by using biomolecule-derived itaconic acid (IA) after incorporating nanofiller montmorillonites (MMTs) have been demonstrated. The biomolecule-derived IA was mass produced by the fermentation of Aspergillus terreus. The nanohybridization of PAs with MMTs enhances the performance, especially the effects on the morphology and thermomechanical properties of the amorphous PA. The nanohybridization followed by the melt-polycondensation process, together with the cryogenic treatment under liquid nitrogen, favors the exfoliation as well as the molecular orientation of amorphous phase under large strain. The structural orientation of prepared nanohybrid fibers during stretching was studied by wide-angle X-ray scattering. X-ray diffraction imaging of the polymer fibers revealed not only the exfoliation of polymer fiber but also the orientation of polymer chains. The polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites have attracted much interests because of their superior properties compared with the neat PAs, especially as an exfoliated state in polymer matrices after orientation in the molecular chain.


Itaconic acid Nanocomposites Montmorillonite Orientation function Azimuthal angle 


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  1. 1.Graduate School of Advanced Science and TechnologyEnergy and Environment Area Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyNomiJapan
  2. 2.Department of Chemical scienceIndian institute of TechnologyHauz Khas, New DelhiIndia

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