Construction of cubic curves with a node

  • Lyudmila N. RomakinaEmail author
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Various methods for construction of different cubic curves are well known. Here we propose the universal method for construction of cubic curves with a node in the projective plane and give the general analytical justification of the proposed construction algorithm. We also provide the examples of its application on some remarkable curves of the Euclidean plane \(E_2\). When we adapt the proposed method in the plane \(E_2\), we consider cubic curves with a node at a proper point of \(E_2\) as well as at infinity.


Construction of curves Cubic curve Crunodal cubic Node 

Mathematics Subject Classification

51M15 51N35 14H50 14N05 51N15 51N20 



The author expresses her gratitude to Dr. Horst Martini and the reviewer for their attention to this work and useful advice.


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