Herpes simplex virus-1 as a rare etiology of isolated acute cerebellitis: case report and literature review

  • Cem PaketciEmail author
  • Pinar Edem
  • Canan Okumus
  • Fatma Ceren Sarioglu
  • Erhan Bayram
  • Semra Hiz
  • Uluç Yis
Case Report


Acute cerebellitis is one of the most common cerebellar disorders and occurs due to para-infectious, post-infectious, or post-vaccination cerebellar inflammation. Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) is known as a common infectious cause of sporadic encephalitis. Cerebellar involvement of HSV-1 is rare and almost always associated with meningoencephalitis. To date, HSV-1 has been identified as the cause of acute isolated cerebellitis in only two patients. Here we report another case of isolated acute cerebellitis caused by HSV-1 in a 20-month-old boy.


Cerebellar ataxia Cerebellitis Encephalitis Herpes simplex virus 1, human 


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