Analysis and Mathematical Physics

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Correction to: On Borg’s method for non-selfadjoint Sturm–Liouville operators

  • Sergey ButerinEmail author
  • Maria Kuznetsova

1 Correction to: Analysis and Mathematical Physics

The original version of the article unfortunately contained few misprints under Preliminaries section. The corrected text is given below.

$${\mathcal{D}}_j = \left[\begin{array}{*{20}l} {d_{n_{1j}j}} & {} & {} \\ {} & {d_{n_{2j}j}} & {} \\ {} & {} & {\ddots} \\ \end{array} \right]$$
with the square cells dnj determined in (13), where {nkj}k≥1 is the increasing sequence of all elements of the set \({\mathcal{S}}_{j}\). The other elements of \({\mathcal{D}}_{j}\) (i.e. not included in dnj’s) are equal to zero. Note that, according to the asymptotics (2), \(d_{n_{\nu j}j}=[1]\) for sufficiently large ν.

The Original Article was corrected.


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