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Predictors of Malnutrition in Children with Cystic Fibrosis

  • Nitin Dhochak
  • Kana Ram Jat
  • Jhuma Sankar
  • Rakesh Lodha
  • Sushil K. KabraEmail author
Research Paper



To determine occurrence of malnutrition in children with cystic fibrosis and identify predictors of malnutrition at time of enrolment and after 2 years of follow up.


Retrospective chart review.


Pediatric chest clinic at a tertiary-care center in northern India.


Cystic fibrosis patients enrolled between 2009–2015 with at least 3 years follow-up.


Weight and height were noted at enrolment, and after 1 year and 2 years of follow-up. Clinical details, medications, and pulmonary exacerbations during second year were recorded.

Main outcome measure

Occurrence of malnutrition i.e. weight for age Z-score < −2.


61 medical records were reviewed. Occurrence of malnutrition at baseline, and 1- and 2-year follow-up was 65.5%, 54.1% and 57.3%, respectively. Weight for age Z-score at enrolment significantly correlated with time to diagnosis from onset r=0.015, P=0.029). Weight for age Z-score at 2-year follow-up was significantly associated with steatorrhea (P=0.03), increased frequency of stools (P<0.01) and pulmonary exacerbation (P=0.03) during second year. Linear regression showed significant association between weight for age Z-score at 2 years with steatorrhea and pulmonary exacerbations [r=−10.795 (−1.527, −0.062)] and [r=−0.261 (−0.493, −0.028)]. Pulmonary exacerbations during second and third year had significant correlation with weight for age Z-score at the beginning of respective years (r = −0.219, P=0.015).


Occurrence of malnutrition is high in children with cystic fibrosis in this region, with uncontrolled fat malabsorption and recurrent respiratory infections being significant risk factors.


Fat malabsorption Nutrition Pulmonary exacerbation 


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Funding: None; Competing interests: None stated.


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  • Nitin Dhochak
    • 1
  • Kana Ram Jat
    • 1
  • Jhuma Sankar
    • 1
  • Rakesh Lodha
    • 1
  • Sushil K. Kabra
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    Email author
  1. 1.Department of PediatricsAll India Institute of Medical SciencesNew DelhiIndia

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