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Fabrication of Metallochromic Dye Functionalized Hydrogel for On-site, Fast, User-friendly Metal-ion Sensing Kit

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Colorimetric sensor has been prepared for easy and simple detection of metal ion in aqueous solution. Metallochromic dyes which change color when combining certain metal ion are introduced to prepare colorimetric sensors. In order to introduce dye into hydrogel, metallochromic dyes are modified to acrylic monomer using esterification reaction. Dye functionalized hydrogels are prepared in the forms of bulk and porous using dye functionalized monomer and processed to manufacture user-friendly sensing kit. Porous hydrogel shows faster detecting time than that of bulk. The color change of sensing kit could be confirmed according to concentration of each metal and be tabulated using sensing kit of porous type. Fast and efficiently metal ion detecting ability is expected using the proper data-process of colors.

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Correspondence to Kyung Jin Lee.

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Information is available regarding the experimental procedure for the preparation of metallochromic dye functionalized hydrogel, degree of discoloration for sensor and characterization. The materials are available via the Internet at http://www.springer.com/13233.

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Acknowledgments: This work supported by National Research Foundation (NRF) grant (NRF-2017M2A8A5018435). This work was also supported by the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) of the Republic of Korea (20164010201070).

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  • hydrogel
  • metal ion detection
  • colorimetric sensor
  • functional polymer