Women’s Quality of Life in Menopause with a Focus on Hypertension

  • Siros Kabodi
  • Elahe AjamiEmail author
  • Ali Zakiei
  • Alireza Zangeneh
  • Shahram Saeidi
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One-third of each woman’s life is naturally during her menopause. This study was conducted to determine the factors related to the quality of life in postmenopausal women.

Materials and Methods

This cross-sectional study was carried out using cluster sampling method on 218 postmenopausal women aged 40–60 years old in Kermanshah in 2014. The data were collected through interview and with the standard questionnaire of Menopausal Quality (MENQOL) of Life and analyzed using SPSS software version 19.


The mean age of menopause was 50.03 ± 4.48 years. Mean scores of quality of life and four domains, vasomotor, psychosocial, physical and sexual were 3.15±0.970, 3.71 ± 1.81, 3.32±0.959, 2.91 ± 1.06, 3.74 ±1.59, respectively.


Chronic conditions such as hypertension in postmenopausal women can lead to lower quality of life. Therefore, provision of coherent support programs for controlling chronic diseases requires serious intervention from health care providers.


Quality of life Menopause Postmenopausal women 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

Conflict of interest

There are no conflicts of interests for any author (financial or otherwise).

Ethical Statements

Institutional ethical committee clearance has been obtained for the study (ID KUMS.REC.1394.515.).

Informed Consent

Informed consent was obtained from all patients for being included in this.


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  • Siros Kabodi
    • 1
  • Elahe Ajami
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    Email author
  • Ali Zakiei
    • 3
  • Alireza Zangeneh
    • 4
  • Shahram Saeidi
    • 4
  1. 1.Social Development and Health Promotion Research CenterKermanshah University of Medical SciencesKermanshahIran
  2. 2.Department of Family Health, Kermanshah city health centerKermanshah University of Medical SciencesKermanshahIran
  3. 3.Sleep Disorders Research CenterKermanshah University of Medical SciencesKermanshahIran
  4. 4.Social Development and Health Promotion Research CenterKermanshah University of Medical SciencesKermanshahIran

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