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Association mapping for mungbean yellow mosaic India virus resistance in mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)


The present study aimed to detect the marker-trait association of a selected diverse panel of 127 mungbean genotypes against mungbean yellow mosaic India virus (MYMIV). Virus-specific primers pairs viz., AC-abut/AV-abut and BC-abut/BV-abut confirmed the involvement of MYMIV in yellow mosaic disease development and the same was validated through restriction digestion analysis. 256 genome-wide microsatellite markers were screened on a test panel in which 93 polymorphic markers were used in association studies. Population structure analysis led to formation of six distinct subpopulations. 1097 alleles were detected among 127 test genotypes whereas number of alleles ranged 2–22 and PIC values ranged 0.27–0.92%, indicating ample amount of variation at genome level. 15 microsatellite markers were detected as associated with MYMIV resistance, among them three microsatellites explained 11–14% phenotypic variation. The specific regions close to CEDG293, DMB-SSR008 and DMB-SSR059 associated with MYMIV resistance were detected, located on linkage group 2, 4 and 9 and may prove useful in marker-assisted mungbean improvement programme for enhancing MYMIV resistance.

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The present research was financially supported by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB-DST), New Delhi (YSS/2015/00484) under the startup research grant for young scientists.

Author information

CMS planned the work and submitted a proposal to SERB, New Delhi, India under the Start-up Research Grant Scheme for Young Scientists. CMS conducted the field experiments in different environments and genotyped the material. AP, RSB and SG helped in data analysis. CMS drafted the manuscript and SG, AP, NPS edited the manuscript. All the authors read and approved the manuscript.

Correspondence to Chandra Mohan Singh.

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It is to declare that there is no conflict of interest between the co-authors.

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  • Marker-trait association
  • Simple sequence repeats
  • Vigna radiata
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