Use of pomegranate peel and artichoke leaf extracts to improve the quality of marinated sardine (Sardinella aurita) fillets

  • Ines EssidEmail author
  • Sabrine Tajine
  • Sonia Gharbi
  • Sihem Bellagha
Original Article


Effects of pomegranate peel and artichoke leaf aqueous extracts on biochemical, microbiological and sensorial quality of sardine fillets was investigated during marination and storage for 90 days. Sardine fillets were marinated with 4% acetic acid, 10% NaCl and either 5% pomegranate peel extracts or 5% artichoke leaf extracts. The control sample was marinated with only 4% acetic acid and 10% NaCl. The antimicrobial activity of pomegranate peel and artichoke leaf extracts led to reduce total viable counts and total coliform during marination and storage. Samples marinated with pomegranate peel and artichoke leaves showed better oxidative stability and higher content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Higher values of free fatty acids and histamine were found in control samples, whereas adding extracts of pomegranate peel or artichoke leaves significantly decreased total volatile basic nitrogen and trimethylamine during storage. Greater color and appearance scores were found for samples marinated with pomegranate peel and artichoke leaf extracts than the control samples.


Marinated sardine Vegetable byproducts Aqueous extracts Antioxidant activity Antimicrobial activity 



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  2. 2.Interprofessional Group of Fish ProductsTunisTunisia

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