Preparative scale extraction of mangiferin and lupeol from mango (Mangifera indica L.) leaves and bark by different extraction methods

  • Jenit Margarita Lerma-Torres
  • Arturo Navarro-Ocaña
  • Montserrat Calderón-Santoyo
  • Liliana Hernández-Vázquez
  • Gabriela Ruiz-Montañez
  • Juan Arturo Ragazzo-SánchezEmail author
Original Article


High biological value compounds are very important in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. The leading research interests are seeking efficient methods for extracting these substances. The objective of this study was to evaluate different extraction methods to obtain mangiferin and lupeol at preparative scale from leaves and bark of mango tree varieties Ataulfo and Autochthonous from Nayarit, Mexico. Four extraction techniques were evaluated such as maceration, Soxhlet, sonication (UAE) and microwave (MAE). Sonication gave the highest concentration of mangiferin and lupeol, demonstrating that extraction assisted by ultrasound could be an effective alternative to conventional extraction techniques because it is a low cost, simple and reliable process. Finally, mangiferin and lupeol were obtained at preparative scale with a higher concentration of bioactive compounds, 1.45 g 100 g−1 y 0.92 mg 100 g−1 sample on (d.b.), respectively. The barks from Ataulfo and Autochthonous mango trees turned out to be favourable sources for obtaining mangiferin and lupeol.


Mango leaves Mango bark Assisted extraction Mangiferin Lupeol Preparative scale 



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  • Jenit Margarita Lerma-Torres
    • 1
  • Arturo Navarro-Ocaña
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  • Montserrat Calderón-Santoyo
    • 1
  • Liliana Hernández-Vázquez
    • 3
  • Gabriela Ruiz-Montañez
    • 1
  • Juan Arturo Ragazzo-Sánchez
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    Email author
  1. 1.Laboratorio Integral de Investigación en AlimentosTecnológico Nacional de México/Instituto Tecnológico de TepicTepicMexico
  2. 2.Facultad de Química, Circuito InteriorUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoCoyoacánMexico
  3. 3.Departamento de Sistemas BiológicosUniversidad Autónoma MetropolitanaMexicoMexico

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