Optimization of banana juice extraction using combination of enzymes

  • Jyotishman Handique
  • Sandhan Jyoti Bora
  • Nandan SitEmail author
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Banana juice extraction was optimized using central composite rotatable design with four numerical factors was employed to design the experiments. The numerical factors were incubation temperature (30–50 °C), and incubation time (20–60 min), cellulase concentration (0–0.4 g/100 g banana) and pectinase concentration (0–0.4 g/100 g banana). The optimum condition for extraction of banana juice were incubation temperature of 36.5 °C, incubation time of 29.33 min, cellulase concentration of 0.34% and pectinase concentration of 0.35%. The corresponding values of yield, viscosity, lightness, acidity, reducing sugar content and total soluble solids at the optimum condition were 74.15%, 101.14 mPa s, 30.06, 2.72%, 171.28 mg/100 g juice and 12.10 °Brix, respectively. Response surface analysis showed that yield increased with incubation time, and cellulase and pectinase concentration, and with temperature it initially increased and then decreased. The processing parameters had an opposite effect on viscosity. Reducing sugar content was also affected by all processing parameters.


Banana juice Cellulase Pectinase Process optimization 



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  • Jyotishman Handique
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  • Sandhan Jyoti Bora
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  • Nandan Sit
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    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Food Engineering and TechnologyTezpur UniversityAssamIndia

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