Morphological, pasting, and textural characterization of starches and their sub fractions of good and poor cookie making wheat varieties

  • Amita Devi
  • Ritu Sindhu
  • B. S. KhatkarEmail author
Original Article


Starch and its sub-fractions of good and poor cookie quality wheat varieties were examined. Scanning electron microscopy images demonstrated that A-type starch granules were lenticular shape with larger diameter of 18.80–21.50 μm, whereas B-type starch granules displayed spherical shape with smaller diameter of 3.93–5.10 μm. Rapid Visco Analyzer pasting profiles of starch and its fractions of poor cookie quality displayed greater peak, trough, final, and setback viscosity compared the starch of good cookie quality wheat variety. On the contrary, the starch of good cookie quality wheat exhibited higher pasting temperature than the starch of poor cookie quality variety. Texture Analyzer results revealed that starch gel hardness, gumminess, and chewiness were found higher for poor cookie quality wheat variety as compared to starch of good cookie quality wheat.


Starch granules Pasting profile Textural properties Morphology Cookie quality 


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