Physicochemical, structural and functional properties of native and irradiated starch: a review

  • Khalid Bashir
  • Manjeet AggarwalEmail author
Review Article


The world population has crossed seven billion and such a huge population has increased the pressure and considerably affects our ability to feed ourselves. It has now emerged as a new challenge for policy makers, food scientists and other associated people to make food available to everyone. To achieve this, underutilized crops/plants that act as good sources of starch need to be explored. Starch in its native form have certain limitations in its functional properties to be used for different applications. Therefore, it becomes important to explore certain technologies which could be used for modification of properties of starch. During the last decades gamma irradiation has emerged as an efficient processing technique for the modification of starch when compared to the other available processes. This review, aims to summarize the effects of gamma irradiation on various properties of starch such as physicochemical and rheological properties, functional characteristics, thermal behaviour etc. so as to make the starch suitable for various applications in different industries including the food industry.


Starch modification Gamma irradiation Physicochemical properties 



The first author is thankful to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (Grant No. 09/1159/0001/2017/EMR I), India for providing financial assistance in the form of Senior Research Fellowship.

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