Rare Sites Metastasis in Ovarian Carcinoma: a Compilation of 3 Case Reports

  • Megha NandwaniEmail author
  • Debabrata Barmon
  • Dimpy Begum
  • Amal C. Kataki
Case Report


Ovarian malignancy is a common cancer of the female genital tract. The age adjusted incidence of ovarian cancer in Kamrup Urban district of Assam, India, for 2010–2014 was 9.17 [1]. According to the American National Cancer Registry of 2012, a total of 22,280 cases of cancer of ovary were diagnosed [2]. The mortality rate was also high and even the recurrence rate that was around 65 to 75%. The peritoneal cavity showed the highest rate of recurrence [3]. Metastasis to the skin is not commonly seen with cancers of the internal organs. A very few cases have been reported in the past where ovarian cancers have shown spread to the skin and almost none has been seen to show recurrence or metastasis to the rectus muscle. Hu SC et al. conducted a study at Taiwanese medical center and reported an incidence of 1.02% of cases with internal malignancies to have cutaneous metastasis [4]. Carcinoma breast showed the maximum rates of these metastases and the most common histopathology...



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