Evaluation of Iron Status in Patients of Solid Organ Malignancies: Study from a Cancer Research Centre

  • Deepak SundriyalEmail author
  • Priya P. Nayak
  • Lima Arya
  • Meenu Walia
  • Rajat Saha
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Anemia associated with cancer is a major public health issue. The gravity of this problem is likely to be higher in India due to already existing malnutrition in the general population. Iron deficiency anemia (IDA) as a subset has not been evaluated in Indian population of cancer patients. This study was undertaken to evaluate iron status among newly diagnosed advanced-stage cancer patients with anemia at a cancer research institute in India. Sixty-four patients of anemia were identified who fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Iron status was noted. Absolute iron deficiency (AID) was identified in 8 (12.5%) patients. Functional iron deficiency (FID) was seen in 48 (75%) patients. Probable functional iron deficiency (PFID) was seen in 2 (3.1%) patients while no iron deficiency (NID) was seen in 6 (9.3%) patients. FID is seen in majority of advanced-stage solid organ cancer patients in India. Large sample studies are required to better define the exact prevalence of iron deficiency, chemotherapy-induced anemia, and anemia in cancer subtypes.


Anemia in cancer Iron deficiency anemia Functional iron deficiency 


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DS, LA, and RS were involved in the data collection. PPN, MW, and DS wrote the manuscript. DS and LA reviewed the final manuscript.

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  3. 3.Max Superspeciality HospitalNew DelhiIndia

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