Parapharyngeal Hemangiopericytoma: the Role for Mandibular Proximal Segment Replantation—Review of Literature

  • Amin Rahpeyma
  • Saeedeh KhajehahmadiEmail author
Review Article


Pharyngeal hemangiopericytoma is a rare tumor .Surgical access to space has been selected based on the location of the tumor in this space, size, and type of pathology. Hemangiopericytoma requires extracapsular dissection. Hemorrhagic nature and tight attachment to adjacent tissues are the other reasons for choosing the surgical approach with the best access. The patient was a 55-year-old female with left-sided facial swelling and dumbbell-shaped lesion involving buccal and lateral pharyngeal space. Brisk hemorrhage happened during biopsy. Submandibular incision, osteotomy of mandibular angle, and temporary proximal segment removal were done. Extracapsular dissection of the lesion performed under direct vision. Proximal segment was returned to the original location and internally fixed with miniplate. Postoperative course was without complication. Mandibular proximal segment replantation technique should be used to treat parapharyngeal tumors with a hemorrhagic tendency.


Hemangiopericytoma Mandibular osteotomy Parapharyngeal tumors 


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