Carcinoma in a Colonic Conduit Post Esophagectomy: a Case Report

  • Pavneet Singh Kohli
  • Hemendra Mangal
  • Saheer Neduvanchery
  • Prasanth PenumaduEmail author
Case Report


Colon Conduit is a commonly used form of reconstruction post esophagectomy either for malignancy, strictures due to caustic acid ingestion, or other benign conditions. Carcinoma of the Colon Conduit following esophagectomy is a complication with an extremely low incidence and the management options are not clear. Thorough search of literature showed only 16 such cases. Hence, we report a case of a patient who underwent colon conduit reconstruction for a gastroesophageal (GE) junction tumor and developed a recurrence 4 years after the initial surgery.


Colon conduit Metachronous cancer Post esophagectomy 


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