Double Pyramidal Lobe of the Thyroid Gland a Rare Variation: Case Report

  • Arsheed Hussain HakeemEmail author
  • Imtiyaz Hussain Hakeem
  • Hassaan Javaid
  • Fozia Jeelani Wani
Case Report


Knowledge of the variations of the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid is important for surgeons to perform complete resection of the functional thyroid tissue. Complete excision of the thyroid tissue surgery reduces the chances of recurrence in both the benign and the malignant diseases. It is important to remove all functioning thyroid tissue especially in the differentiated thyroid cancer so the postoperative radioiodine ablation is more effective and serum thyroglobulin acts as an efficient marker. We report a case of the double pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland in a woman of age 63 years with follicular thyroid cancer. Our literature search revealed only three documented cases of the double pyramidal lobe. Knowledge and recognition of such a rare variation is essential to perform safe and effective thyroid surgery.


Thyroid gland Pyramidal lobe Total thyroidectomy Radioiodine ablation Thyroglossal duct 


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