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Completion Thyroidectomy in Differentiated Thyroid Malignancy—A Prospective Analysis

  • Jeyashanth Riju
  • Shaji ThomasEmail author
  • K. R. Anila
Original Article


Completion thyroidectomy, being a surgically challenging procedure, choice of doing such procedure in differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC), remains unclear due to the complications involved following the procedure. So this study is intended to look into risk factors that will prompt completion thyroidectomy and surgery-related complications. A prospective analysis was done in 48 patients diagnosed with DTC during the year 2017. Completion thyroidectomy with or without neck dissection was performed as per institutional protocol. Clinico-radiological features were compared with histopathology in completion thyroidectomy specimen. The incidence of malignancy in completion thyroidectomy specimen and complications during the procedure were noted. Risk factors associated with malignancy were statistically analyzed. The incidence of malignancy in completion thyroidectomy specimen was 56.25%. Papillary carcinoma thyroid (PCT) had a statistically significant risk compared to follicular carcinoma thyroid (p = 0.042). Also, capsular invasion in primary specimen had a significant impact (p = 0.021) with odds of 7.20 times increase in incidence of malignancy and patients with age more than 55 years had a significantly increased risk of malignancy (p = 0.05). There was no statistically significant increase in complications following procedure, with respect to duration between surgeries or type of surgeries performed. Incidence of malignancy in completion thyroidectomy specimen was high. Completion thyroidectomy can be safely performed under experienced hands with an acceptable level of complications. It should be considered in places where patients are non-compliant and in those with PCT, tumor with capsular invasion and elderly patients.


Completion thyroidectomy Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) Papillary carcinoma thyroid (PCT) Thyroidectomy Revision surgery 



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  1. 1.Head and Neck Surgical OncologyRegional Cancer CentreTrivandrumIndia
  2. 2.Department of PathologyRegional Cancer CentreTrivandrumIndia

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