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News from the European Association for Cancer Education: a Long-standing Partner of AACE

  • Sabine Fromm-Haidenberger

As president of the European Association for Cancer Education (EACE), I am honoured to have the opportunity to write an editorial for the Journal of Cancer Education (JCE). Since our foundation in 1984, the American Association for Cancer Education (AACE) has been a very strong and supportive partner. Like many small associations, we have faced difficult times throughout the years in terms of membership and the number of participants attending our annual meeting. As part of our cooperation, a strong participation from our AACE colleagues has helped us to move forward and to continue to provide interesting scientific meetings.

Maria Bishop is one of our strongest supporters and EACE is delighted that she has been appointed Editor in Chief of the JCE. We look forward to strengthening our common effort in the development of cancer education. We would also like to acknowledge the work and support of Art Michalek during his time at the helm.

This year, our annual scientific meeting was held...



I would like to thank Maria Bishop and Kathleen Henneghan for their initiative and encouragement to write this editorial as well as for their support and guidance.


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