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Modified Lichtenstein Procedure for Repair of Direct or Indirect Inguinal Hernia by Triangulation of the Inguinal Canal

  • AN YücesoyEmail author
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A modified Lichtenstein hernioplasty procedure was performed, by triangulating the inguinal canal, for indirect or direct inguinal hernia. A series of 276 patients is reported, who underwent a modified Lichtenstein procedure for surgical repair of the indirect or direct inguinal hernia, 32 of which were recurrent hernias. Because of the presence of bilateral hernia in 28 of the cases, the total number of modified Lichtenstein procedures performed was 304. The Lichtenstein hernioplasty procedure was modified by placement of the polypropylene mesh between the Poupart's ligament and the intersection line of the aponeuroses of the external oblique and internal oblique abdominal muscles. The main aim of this modification is to provide stabilization of the inguinal canal. Postoperative pain, and hematoma or seroma formation were very rare in the postoperative period. No recurrence was observed. Based on these results, a modified Lichtenstein hernioplasty procedure with inguinal canal triangulation should be considered for surgical stabilization of the inguinal canal, especially in the case of recurrent hernia.

Key words

Inguinal hernia Lichtenstein procedure postoperative pain recurrence 


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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryYeni Yüzyıl UniversityIstanbulTurkey

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