Correction to: An end-to-end differential network learning method for semantic segmentation

  • Tai HuEmail author
  • Ming YangEmail author
  • Wanqi Yang
  • Aishi Li

1 Correction to: International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics

Unfortunately, the Fig. 8 and the acknowledgment section was published incorrectly in the online published article. The correct figure and acknowledgment are given below. The original article has been corrected.

Acknowledgements This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61876087, 61432008, 61272222, 61603193), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20171479, BK20161020, BK20161560), and Program of Natural Science Research of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (15KJB520023).


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  1. 1.School of Computer Science and TechnologyNanjing Normal UniversityNanjingChina

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