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Hydrogen Treatment as Potential Protection of Electrodeposited Pt, Au, and Pt/Au Oxygen Reduction Catalysts on TiOx

  • Sebastian ProchEmail author
  • Shuhei Yoshino
  • Yuji Kamitaka
  • Naoko Takahashi
  • Juntaro Seki
  • Satoru Kosaka
  • Kensaku Kodama
  • Yu MorimotoEmail author
Original Research


Methods of protecting Pt(-alloy) particles against dissolution during fuel cell operation have recently gathered attention. Titania as a promising Pt catalyst support has its own built-in protection mechanism, called strong metal-support interaction (SMSI), which leads to encapsulation of metal particles. A high-coverage Pt particle film (approximated layer) with high oxygen reduction activity on the native oxide of metallic titanium has been heat treated in a hydrogen atmosphere. This treatment gave rise to its protection with a thin TiOx layer while Pt particle sintering or the destruction of the Pt structure was avoided. This unique behavior might originate from the structure of this approximate layer; i.e., contiguous patches of TiOx allow fast SMSI/encapsulation of the whole Pt structure before massive sintering or destruction can take place. Although the film was found to be covered by a 5.0 ± 0.1-nm TiOx overlayer, oxygen reduction with a mass activity of 26 ± 4 A gPt−1 could still be observed.

Graphical Abstract

Once layer-like, always layer-like: Heat treatment of a very closely spaced Pt particle film leads to retention of this structure and formation of a TiOx overlayer by the strong metal-support interaction. In contrast, sparsely distributed Pt particles sinter under those conditions. This difference in behavior also has consequences on the oxygen reduction activity.


Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) Platinum Gold Proximity effect Strong metal-support interaction (SMSI) 

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.NagakuteJapan
  2. 2.Sandvik Materials TechnologySandvikenSweden

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