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Who Won the Super Bowl?

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One year, I was on a two-week silent meditation retreat that began the weekend of the 2002 Super Bowl. It was only the third time that the New England Patriots had made it there, and they had never won. The drama was increased for New England fans at the time because of the dismal record of the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, never having won since 1918, after trading Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1919.1

Adding to the drama, the regular New England quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, their star player, had been seriously injured in the second game of the season and had been replaced by his until-then unknown second-year backup, Tom Brady. Brady wound up taking the team all the way to the playoffs, then getting injured in the game that determined the division championship and whether they would go to the Super Bowl. Bledsoe, who hadn’t played since his injury several months earlier, stepped in and engineered with grace and ease a victory over the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers.




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