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Phase Changes

  • Jon Kabat-Zinn

If our true nature is, indeed, wholeness, why do we feel fragmented so much of the time? How can this be understood?

Here’s an analogy that might be helpful. From physics and chemistry, we know that water can manifest in a number of different forms depending on the temperature and pressure. At sea level, it is a liquid at room temperature. It becomes a gas and boils off if heated to 100 degrees C (212°F). And it freezes into a solid if cooled to below 0 degrees (32°F). But whatever form it takes, it is still water.

These transitions between solid, liquid, and gas are known as phase changes, because the water changes from one form, or phase, to another. In the different phases, the water molecules, the H2O molecules, have very different relationships to one another. .. that is why ice is hard and why water from the tap can flow and can assume the shape of whatever container it is in, and why steam or water vapor fills the entire volume it is placed in. Yet, whether it is in the form of...


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