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Padma Shri Dr. Baldev Raj—A Profile

Padma Shri Dr. Baldev Raj (1947–2018), was Distinguished Scientist and former Director of Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam and also the Former Director of National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru. He was an eminent nuclear scientist, materials technologist, academician and a mentor to thousands of scientists and students. He had built a high level of expertise, individuals and facilities in the domain of fast reactor sciences and technology and associated fuel cycle facilities in India in synergy within the Department of Atomic Energy, Universities, Research Institutions, Industries etc. He provided the umbrella under which scientific work in many areas flourished. These include non-destructive evaluation (NDE), nuclear materials development, physical and mechanical metallurgy, welding science and technology, corrosion science and engineering, separation science and technology, liquid sodium science and technology, safety research, electronics and instrumentation, materials science, sensors, nanoscience and technology, robotics and automation.

Dr Baldev Raj initiated and nurtured NDE capabilities at IGCAR while popularizing the same in India at many institutions. He provided innovative solutions to challenging NDE problems not only for the nuclear industry but also other core and strategic industries. He ignited the minds of his colleagues and motivated the professionals to collaborate for the development of a variety of path breaking methodologies and technologies for health care and heritage objects and structures. He was a Fellow of the all Academies of Science and Engineering in India, German Academy of Sciences, Third World Academy of Sciences, International Medical Sciences, ASM International and The Indian Institute of Metals. He is an Honorary Member of ICNDT, Honorary Fellow, Indian Society for NDT, Honorary Fellow, British Institute of NDT and Founder Member of the Board of Directors, World Federation of NDE Centres, USA. He steered eminent professional bodies including the Indian Institute of Metals, Indian Society for NDT, Indian Institute of Welding, INAE, CAETS, etc. as President. He won several recognitions and awards and guided several PhDs. Dr. Baldev Raj was a visionary leader in science and technology and more importantly, a human being par excellence. In his fond memory ‘Dr. Baldev Raj Memorial Bridge Course on NDE and QA’ is being conducted in the month of May every year at IGCAR, Kalpakkam for the benefit of engineering students/scholars.


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