Investigations on the Multifunctionality of Bismuth Iron Oxide

  • M. Dewan
  • S. B. MajumderEmail author
Technical Paper


Amongst various types of multiferroic compounds, bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3; BFO) stands out as it exhibits both magnetic and ferroelectric polarization orderings at room temperature. Till date, studies on BFO-based materials have mainly been focused on dielectric, ferroelectric, magnetic and on magnetoelectric coupling. The aim of the present work is to explore additional functionality of BFO ceramics. We have synthesized BFO ceramics using auto-combustion route and demonstrated its functionality as the anode of lithium ion recharging material, toxic gas-sensing material and photo-catalyst. As Li ion cell anode, we have shown that BFO, in half-cell configuration, yields a reversible capacity ~ 120 mAh/g with excellent cycleability. BFO has been demonstrated to be excellent sensing material for volatile organic compounds. Under solar illumination, BFO yields 99.5% degradation of coloured aromatic dye within 50 min. Our investigations pave the way to explore these new functionalities of BFO ceramics.


Multiferroic materials Magnetization Li ion battery Photo-catalyst VOC gas sensor 



The research work was partially supported by the research grant obtained from CSIR, Government of India, vide sanction letter No. 03/(1371)/16/EMR-II, dated May 10, 2016 and DST, Government of India, vide sanction letter Nos. 5(1)/2017-NANO dated March 28, 2018 and DST/NM/NNETRA/2018(G)-IIT KGP dated March 21, 2018.


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