Soil pollution evaluation and health risk assessment of heavy metals around Douroud cement factory, Iran

  • Ali Jafari
  • Mansour GhaderpooriEmail author
  • Bahram Kamarehi
  • Hossein Abdipour
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Industrial activates have contaminated the soils around the industries to some pollutants such as heavy metals. Nowadays, among the different industries, cement factories are of major environmental pollutant sources. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to evaluate the soil pollution to heavy metals around Douroud cement factory in terms of geo-accumulation index, pollution index, and integrated pollution index. Also, a health-risk assessment was carried out. Sampling was performed at intervals of 500 m, 1250 m, and 2000 m from the factory site. Soil samplings were taken from the depths of 0–10 cm and 10–20 cm from the top surface. The health-risk assessment regarding soil around the factory was assessed based on the USEPA procedure. The study results showed that the average concentrations of chromium, nickel, copper, lead and zinc in the soil around the cement factory were 115.77 mg/kg, 139.07 mg/kg, 80.47 mg/kg, 56.27 mg/kg, and 135.73 mg/kg, respectively. Also, the results showed that the concentration of the heavy metals in the top soil was significantly higher than subsurface sampling layers. Furthermore, the findings showed that the concentrations of all evaluated heavy metals were higher than the USEPA standard. The pollution index values in the soil around the cement factory were Cu > Pb > Zn > Ni > Cr. Based on this study, the daily intake rate of all the elements by oral ingestion route was higher than the inhalation and dermal contact routes. The hazard quotient values of all metals in all studied sampling points were < 1.


Health-risk assessment Soil pollution Cement factory Doroud Iran Heavy metals 

List of symbols


Geo-accumulation index


The geochemical background concentration of the metal


The measured concentration of the metal in sediment


The pollution index,


The concentration of each heavy metal (mg/kg)


The background value (mg/kg)


The mean values for all the PIs of all studied metals


Computed as the sum of all 6 risk factors for heavy metals in soils,


The monomial potential ecological risk factor for individual factors


The metal pollution factor


The metal toxic factor


The concentration of metal in the street dust


The reference value of a given metal


The concentration of each heavy metal in samples (mg/kg)


The background concentration (mg/kg)


The average daily intake of heavy metals ingested from soil (mg/kg-day)


The average daily intake of heavy metals inhaled from soil (mg/kg-day)


The exposure dose via dermal contact from soil (mg/kg-day)


Absorption Factor


Adherence Factor (mg/cm2)


Averaging time (day)


Body weight (kg)


Conversion factor (kg/mg)


Exposure duration (year)


Exposure frequency (day/year)


Particle emission factor (m3/kg)


Exposed skin surface area (cm2)


Ingestion rate (mg/day)


Inhalation rate (mg/day)


Hazard quotient


Hazard quotient through inhalation pathway


Hazard quotient through dermal contact pathway


Hazard quotient through all pathway


The corresponding reference doses


The corresponding reference dose through inhalation pathway


The corresponding reference dose through dermal contact pathway


The slope factor of the contaminant


The slope factor of the contaminant through inhalation pathway


Hazard index


Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry


United States Environmental Protection Agency



The authors of this study are grateful for the funding of this research (project code: A-10-1412-3) by Lorestan University of Medical Sciences (LUMS).


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  • Mansour Ghaderpoori
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  • Bahram Kamarehi
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  • Hossein Abdipour
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  1. 1.Department of Environmental Health Engineering, School of Health and NutritionLorestan University of Medical SciencesKhorramabadIran

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