Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma in Maxillofacial Region: A Series of 16 Cases

  • Tejinder KaurEmail author
  • Amit Dhawan
  • Ramandeep Singh Bhullar
  • Sakshi Gupta
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Cemento-ossifying fibroma is considered as a benign osseous tumour, closely related to other lesions such as fibrous dysplasia and cementifying periapical dysplasia. These lesions occur in the second to the fourth decade of life. It is a bony tumour of maxilla and mandible of possibly odontogenic origin with aggressive behaviour and high tendency for recurrence. Radiologically, the lesion appearances varied ranging from radiolucent cyst-like appearance to mixed and/or radiopaque areas.

Aims and objectives

The article attempts to highlight the importance of clinical, imaging aspects and histopathology in diagnosis of cemento-ossifying fibroma along with management and long-term follow-up.

Materials and methods

This retrospective study was done on histologically diagnosed 16 fibro-osseous lesions. These patients were treated under general anaesthesia at our institute. The demographic data, radiographic features, and histopathologic findings were analysed and compared. The treatment and follow-up data were also recorded.


Cemento-ossifying fibroma showed higher predilection for female than for male patients and with an equal number of cases reported in maxilla and mandible with no signs of recurrence in long-term follow-up of 15 years.


Complete surgical excision of cemento-ossifying fibroma comes out to be only effective treatment that gave satisfactory results and can be considered as a definitive treatment modality.


Cemento-ossifying fibroma Ossifying fibroma Radiographic patterns Histopathological features Surgical management 



Cemento-ossifying fibroma


Ossifying fibroma


Computed tomography


Compliance with Ethical Standards

Informed Consent

Patients in the study have given informed consent to participate in the study.


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  • Amit Dhawan
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  • Ramandeep Singh Bhullar
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  • Sakshi Gupta
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  1. 1.Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgerySri Guru Ram Das Institute of Dental Sciences and ResearchAmritsarIndia

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