Twin Alar Rims: A Rare Type of Alar Rim Deformity and Its Correction Using “SAIL” Technique

  • Sushmitha RajmohanEmail author
  • Anuj Vyas
  • Rashmi Singh Rai
Case Report


The beauty and golden proportions of a face are largely determined by the shape and size of the nose one inherits. When the subunits of the nasal structure are considered, the width and structure of Ala and Alar rims determine to a large extent the beauty of the nose itself. Various classifications exist to evaluate the alar rim deformities that are inherited as well as iatrogenic, but occurrence of twin alar rims as a deformity has rarely been reported. This article reports the deformities of drooping tip, hanging columella, and asymmetry of alar rims along with twin alar rims. All the problems were addressed with an open rhinoplasty approach and combining the alar incision with the sail technique to achieve the correction of twin alar rim.


Alar rim Sail excision Hanging columella Twin ala 


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  • Sushmitha Rajmohan
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    Email author
  • Anuj Vyas
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  • Rashmi Singh Rai
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  1. 1.The Face Clinic - A Unit of “Aasya the Clinic” for Face, Jaws and TeethIndoreIndia
  2. 2.Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryRKDF Dental College & Research CentreBhopalIndia
  3. 3.Surgical OncologyBALCO Medical CentreRaipurIndia

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