Internet of things: new classification model of intelligence

  • Abdelhak Boulaalam
Original Research


With the hug development of information and communication technologies, the internet of things (IoT) becomes one of the concepts that transform our surroundings more and more intelligent. Actually, it’s heavily affecting people’s daily lives in many domains. Consequently, we are in front of a variety of vertical silos IoT applications. Each vertical system has its own hidden features, targets different ecosystems and his vision of intelligence. In addition, there is no horizontal silos standardization. This paper presents an overview of the intelligence aspect on the IoT topic. As intelligence on IoT have many facets, this paper is mainly focused on the elements behind intelligence facet. For this, current study proposes a first and a new classification model of intelligence on IoT, which distinguishes between four orthogonal dimensions. Furthermore, the survey and projection of some studies and applications on the proposed model will be discussed in this research.


Internet of things Intelligence RFID Classification model IoT Smart things 



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