Co-production of Amylase and Protease by Locally Isolated Thermophilic Bacterium Anoxybacillus rupiensis T2 in Sterile and Non-sterile Media Using Waste Potato Peels as Substrate

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The present study investigated the potential of thermophilic bacteria isolated from hot springs to simultaneously produce protease and amylase enzymes. Among ten isolates, the strain T2 was found to be more favorable for amylase and protease. This strain was identified as Anoxybacillus rupiensis (GenBank number: MN252572). Potato peel powder (PPP) was used as a substrate for co-production of amylase and protease from A. rupiensis T2. Experiments were performed under sterile and non-sterile culture conditions. The optimal parameters for co-production of these enzymes were a PPP concentration of 60 g/L, temperature of 50 °C, initial pH of 7.0 and incubation time of 48 h. Under these culture conditions, the amylase and protease activities were determined as 64.9 and 26.2 U/mL in sterile medium. Relatively lower amylase (41.1 U/mL) and protease (14.2 U/mL) activities were attained in non-sterile medium.

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  • Anoxybacillus rupiensis T2
  • Thermophilic bacteria
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  • Protease
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