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Modeling and Simulation of Corn Stover Gasifier and Micro-turbine for Power Generation

  • Hoda Abd El-Sattar
  • Salah Kamel
  • Mohamed Ali Tawfik
  • David Vera
  • Francisco JuradoEmail author
Original Paper


This paper focuses on modeling the performance of a small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plant fueled with corn stover pieces (CSP) as very potential biomass resource in Egypt. The developed power plant can be used to satisfy the heat and electricity needs. The proposed power plant performance is simulated using the professional Cycle-Tempo® software. The power plant is divided into three stages; the gasification unit (downdraft fixed bed gasifier and air supply system), gas cleaning and cooling units and the micro-turbine (MT) as an electrical generation unit. In the first stage, the CSP feedstock is converted to producer gas at atmospheric pressure with a reaction temperature about 1028.6 °C, using air as a gasifying agent. The efficiency of gasification process at a regulated air–biomass ratio of 1.5 kg/kg is 77.92% with calorific value (LHV) of 3.87 MJ/kg. Cleaning and cooling stage used to dispose the undesirable gas constitutes such as; tar, flying ash, and etc. The clean gas is passing through the MT as power generator for CHP applications with turbine inlet temperature of 850 °C. Ultimately, the simulation revealed that the CHP overall efficiency of this developed plant is 63.21% providing an electrical power of 94.81 kWel and thermal power of 187.55 kWth.


CHP plant Corn stover Downdraft gasifier Cleaning and cooling Cycle-Tempo 

List of Symbols


Air–biomass ratio


Cold gas efficiency (%)


Lower heat value of producer gas


Mass flow of producer gas (kg/s)


The gas temperature at the gasifier exit


Electric efficiency (%)


Electrical power


Specific heat capacity of water


Compressor (gas turbine) power


Thermal power


Power consumption of the product gas compression


Hot gas efficiency (%)


Water temperature


Lower heat value of biomass


Mass flow of biomass (kg/s)


Specific heat of producer gas


Overall efficiency (%)


Overall generated power (kW)


Gas turbine power


Generator efficiency (%)


Water mass flow (kg/s)


The temperature of the fuel entering the gasifier


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  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringAswan UniversityAswanEgypt
  2. 2.Department of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of JaénEPS Linares, JaénSpain

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