Waste and Biomass Valorization

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 483–509 | Cite as

Co-pyrogasification of Plastics and Biomass, a Review

  • C. BlockEmail author
  • A. Ephraim
  • E. Weiss-Hortala
  • D. Pham Minh
  • A. Nzihou
  • C. Vandecasteele
Original Paper


Over the past few decades, the sharp rise in post-consumer plastic and biomass waste has resulted in an ever growing challenge to treat such waste sustainably. Co-pyrogasification of plastics and biomass mixtures, as opposed to separately converting these waste streams, offers several advantages including an improvement in syngas quality and composition (H2/CO ratio) in relation to the desired application, and an easier reactor feeding of plastics. Furthermore, many studies have shown that co-pyrogasification promotes the conversion of waste to gas rather than char and tar. However, in order to achieve the desired product distribution or syngas composition, operating parameters such as the reactor temperature, equivalence ratio (air or oxygen), steam/fuel ratio and catalyst, have to be optimized. Thus, this paper aims to review literature studies on the co-pyrogasification of plastics and biomass by considering various aspects including the process principle, reactors, influence of feedstock characteristics and operating parameters on the products, as well as the synergies observed during the thermoconversion of plastics and biomass mixtures with some reference to coal mixtures when necessary.


Biomass Plastics Co-pyrogasification Waste Waste management 


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