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Different Types of Thermochemical Pretreatment and Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Groundnut Shell

  • Akansha Madhawan
  • Arzoo Arora
  • Jyoti Das
  • Shivani Sharma
  • Arindam Kuila
  • Vinay SharmaEmail author
Original Paper


The present study deals with the comparison of different types of pretreatment (thermo-dilute acid, thermo-dilute alkaline, microwave assisted thermo-dilute acid and microwave assisted thermo-dilute alkaline) of groundnut shell. Based on structural characterization (Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy) and reducing sugar yield, microwave assisted thermo-dilute alkaline pretreatment was found to be most suitable pretreatment option. Further enzymatic hydrolysis process of microwave assisted thermo-dilute alkaline pretreated biomass was optimized using statistical technique. Maximum reducing sugar yield (487.5 mg/g dry substrate) was found at substrate concentration 12%, tween 80 concentration 0.12% and incubation time 48 h. The present study showed that higher reducing sugar can be obtained at high substrate concentration from microwave assisted thermo-dilute alkaline pretreated biomass within shorter incubation time.


Thermochemical pretreatment Microwave assisted pretreatment Structural characterization Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis 



Authors are thankful to Prof. Aditya Shastri, Vice Chancellor, Banasthali University for research facilities and infrastructure.


This work was not supported by any funding authority. It was carried out by our own interest.

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  • Arzoo Arora
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  • Shivani Sharma
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  • Arindam Kuila
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