A study of important solutions in Chern–Simons modified gravity

  • Sarfraz AliEmail author
  • M. Jamil Amir
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In this manuscript, we have presented the compatible solutions under the framework of dynamical and non-dynamical Chern–Simons modified gravity. By taking an open choice of external field as a function of angular parameter \(\theta \), we obtained Gödel-type solutions of non-dynamical Chern–Simons modified gravity. It is mentioned that a vacuum Gödel-type solution exists in this theory. Non-static spherical symmetric solutions are also described for dynamical Chern–Simons modified gravity by considering external field as a function of radial parameter r. Later, results are similar to those of well-known Tolman–Bondi solutions found in the context of general relativity. It is observed that in case of \(\varLambda \rightarrow \kappa p_{0}\) both parameters A(tr) and B(tr) turned to be undefined.


Chern–Simons modified gravity Gödel-type metric Spherical symmetric metric 


95.30.Sf 97.60.Lf 04.20.q 



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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of Education LahoreFaisalabadPakistan
  2. 2.Govt Post Graduate College (B)Taunsa, D.G. KhanPakistan

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