On the classical dynamics of charged particle in special class of spatially non-uniform magnetic field

  • Ranveer Kumar SinghEmail author
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Motion of a charged particle in uniform magnetic field has been studied in detail, classically as well as quantum mechanically. However, classical dynamics of a charged particle in non-uniform magnetic field is solvable only for some specific cases. We present, in this paper, a general integral equation for some specific class of non-uniform magnetic field and its solutions for some of them. We also examine the supersymmetry of Hamiltonians in exponentially decaying magnetic field with radial dependence and conclude that this kind of non-uniformity breaks supersymmetry.


Classical trajectory Landau gauge Hamiltonian formalism Non-uniform magnetic field Supersymmetry 


45.20.-d 45.20.Jj 



This work was carried out at Panjab University, Chandigarh. The author is indebted to Prof. C. N. Kumar whose guidance helped to complete this work. The author also thanks Ms. Harneet Kaur, Dr. Amit Goyal and Mr. Shivam Pal for useful discussions.


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