Effect of initial stress and Hall current on a magneto-thermoelastic porous medium with microtemperatures

  • Mohamed I. A. OthmanEmail author
  • Elsyed M. Abd-Elaziz
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In this paper, the effect of initial stress on a thermoelastic porous medium with microtemperatures in the presence of magnetic field taking Hall current into account is investigated. The medium is permeated by a strong transverse magnetic field imposed perpendicularly on the displacement plane so the induced electric field is neglected. The normal mode analysis is used to obtain the exact expressions for displacement components, normal conduction current density field, transverse conduction current density field, microtemperature components, heat flux moments, stress components, temperature distribution and change in the volume fraction field. The variations of the considered variables with the horizontal distance are illustrated graphically. The results of comparisons we obtained were with and without initial stress and Hall current effect. Some particular cases of special interest have been deduced from the present investigation.


Magneto-thermoelasticity Initial stress Hall current Microtemperatures Porous 


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