Locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type-II cosmological model in f(RT) gravity

  • Nisha GodaniEmail author
Original Paper


The present work is focused on the study of locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type-II model with perfect fluid in f(RT) gravity. Three types of f(RT) gravity models are proposed (Harko et al. in Phys Rev D 84:024020, 2011). According to the first model, the function \(f(R,T)=R+2f(T)\), where R is Ricci scalar and f(T) is an arbitrary function of trace of stress energy tensor T. In this paper, the function \(f(T) = \alpha T + \beta T^2\) is considered, where \(\alpha\) and \(\beta\) are real numbers. The physical parameters are determined with respect to cosmic time as well as red shift by using the equation of state \(p=\epsilon \rho\) and the scale factor \(a(t) = (\sinh (\phi t))^{\frac{1}{k}}\), where \(k>0\) & \(\phi \ne 0\). The energy density is compared for dust and radiation-dominated models. The present values of deceleration parameter, Hubble parameter and age of the universe are determined and compared with the results of \(\Lambda\)CDM model. Further, the theoretical and experimental values of luminosity distance and apparent magnitude are compared.


\(f(R, T)\) gravity Anisotropic space–time Age of the universe Cosmic acceleration 


98.80.k 98.80.Es 



The author is thankful to Prof. G. K. Goswami, Kalyan P. G. College, Bhilai, India, for motivating to carry out this work.


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