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Evaluation of Uncertainty in the Effective Area and Distortion Coefficients of Air Piston Gauge Using Monte Carlo Method

  • Vikas N. Thakur
  • Sanjay Yadav
  • Ashok KumarEmail author
Original Paper


The fixed number of trials in the Monte Carlo method (FMCM) has been employed for the evaluation of effective area along with their associated uncertainties and distortion coefficients of piston–cylinder (pc) assembly of the air piston gauge with varying pressures ranging from 6.5 to 360 kPa. The FMCM uncertainty values are compared with the conventional method, i.e., the law of propagation of uncertainty in the experimental range 20–120 kPa using our primary pressure standard, i.e., ultrasonic interferometer manometer. It is observed that the relative uncertainty of the effective area using FMCM (~ 9.5 ppm) is lesser than that of the experimental value (~ 9.7 ppm) using the same parameters responsible for uncertainty measurement which leads to the quality enhancement in the measurement of pressure.


Monte Carlo method Air piston gauge Pressure metrology Uncertainty 



The authors would like to thank dimensional metrology technical staff for the experimental support and CSIR-NPL for the partial financial support. Authors also want to thank Dr. D. K. Aswal (Director, CSIR-NPL) and Dr. Ranjana Mehrotra (Head, Physico-Mechanical Metrology Division, CSIR-NPL) for the constant encouragement. Mr. Vikas thanks UGC for the Ph.D. fellowship and AcSIR, CSIR-NPL for pursuing Ph.D. program.


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  • Sanjay Yadav
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